The fashion brand Close to my heart is born and founded in 2011, in Nepal.

The head designer Siv Katralen was trekking in the high mountains of Himalaya, and came back with the proto type of the shawl which today are known as Mie Grand.

A small production was made, showed to some of the best boutiques in Norway and became an immediate success. After a short while The Poncho came, rest is good history.

We are now established all over Norway SEE OUR BOUTIQUES, and are now ready for export to Denmark and Sweden in particular.

You may very well call our items made in Nepal Slow Fashion.

We take pride in knowing the factories, not only the owners, we also know who weave our shawls and who knit our sweaters. Many operations are done by hand, it takes time but give each garment a special look when it´s made on hand knit machines.

We choose to use more or less only natural fibres, like Cashmere, Merino wool, Cotton, Silk and Linen. Our designs are clean, basic with a twist in numerous colours.

Our Mie Grand is available in 20 colours, each season we present 5-6 new colours!

The collection is contemporary classics, often with surprising details. During the past 5 years we have developed the collection and added jersey, woven and coats. But still, the knitwear and especially the shawls are our most important styles.

Siv visits Nepal at least 3 times a year, and she was in Kathmandu 5 days prior to the devastating earthquake 25th of April 2015. Purpose before the incident was of course check-ups, new designs and in general meet the people. After the earthquake she felt even closer to the country and people, and have accomplished several aid projects since, now into more developing projects like Pads for School and Food for School.

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Nepal is our DNA, we will never take our production out of Nepal!


What does it mean?

It´s Siv´s lucky number!

Born 8th July

Proposed to 8th of March

Married 8th of June

Gave birth to Mia 8th of February.

Came on the Norwegian market August 2015.

Head designer is Karolina Anna Kamola, graduated from Esmod in 2014.

She came to 4knits as an intern to assist Siv with the design of Close to my heart right after her graduation, and is now responsible for The8th.

The8th is more edgy, but still a contemporary brand with some of the same fundamental ideas as Close to my heart. It´s all about everyday jersey and knits, the garments you like to put on when you want a relaxed and comfortable outfit.