Et vennskap gjennom mange år

A friendship for many years

Close To My Heart is a company with a beating heart for women's conditions and rights, and not least unity. In line with this, there is nothing more inspiring than hearing stories of friendship and collaboration between women. Helle and Helene are childhood friends, and seem to have cracked the code for how honesty, loyalty and a good dose of humor have formed the basis for an eternally budding friendship.
We could not miss the chance, and have asked this inspiring and bubbly duo some unpretentious, yet well-considered questions about the beginning, values and future of their friendship.

Helene (left)
Age: 52 today, HURRA!
Occupation / background: Jewelry designer / Accounting
Family: Husband, children, in-laws and grandchildren

Pour (t.h.) 
Age: 52
Occupation / background: Administrative secretary
Family: Husband and one child of 22 years.

Can you tell us about the first memories you have of each other?


- We met on the first day of school, but I do not remember Helene anything special then. Everyone was probably a little scared that day. What I remember with Helene was that she could run far, very fast. And then I have a memory that she was early to get white leather moccasins with embroidered Indian pearl pattern, which was super cool in 4th or 5th grade. But it was in middle school that we really bonded and found each other. One can actually say that the foundation of the friendship was built on common interests such as boys and smuggling.


- We went to the same class the first 9 years at school, it is so far back that I have no clear memory from the start. It was not the two of us who were typical "best friends" in primary school, although of course we hung out sometimes. It was only in middle school that we found out we were really "knoll and tott".

What makes you hold together through several phases of life?

Helene: First of all, humor! We laugh at the same things, and have the same "slick" view of the world. We are not arrogant, but they have a bit of the same pointed elbows without us feeling like we are stepping on someone.

A good friend tells you when it is needed, even if it can hurt. The day you understand that everything is done out of love and in the best sense, then you understand that the friendship is real and solid.

If one feels that the other is being treated unfairly, we defend each other, we tell each other that we appreciate each other, and in addition it does not create problems for the unity that our men are good friends. 

Pour: We have a lot of history after so many years as close friends, but the key word is probably humor. We are ourselves together, and can talk very unfiltered. Honesty scores high, so does respect for each other. We are good at making each other good, and treat each other very successfully whether it is at work or at home. We are often asked if we are sisters, not just because we have similarities, but we complete each other's sentences and know most about each other. We are good at giving each other confirmation and it gives a huge sense of security.

What do you admire about each other?

Pour: Helene is a grater, when she decides on something it is always done thoroughly! She is a master of everything from carpentry to cooking, and very practical. She is also a real lion mother who defends and protects those she loves. 

Helene: Helle is and will be a party! She is an expert on life and stir! Helle is half Danish and it is noticeable in festive layers. We both sing in a choir, and Helle can really sing! She is extremely loyal and I can always trust her. 

What does the future hold for you together?

Helene: Hopefully as fun as time has been until now. We may envisage traveling a little more together than we have the opportunity to do right now, but we are betting that will resolve itself eventually. 

Pour: It looks very good, because we have agreed to book into the same retirement home with plenty of wine.