Our mantra is #madewell and this means that our clothes are made with care, in the best quality, by wonderfully good people who put love in every garment. We say #gratitude because we are grateful for the work that is put behind each garment, and we appreciate everyone who contributes to Close to My Heart. 
We want to produce as much as possible in Nepal, and in a world where things go very fast, we are concerned with "slow fashion". We have visited the factories regularly since the beginning, and it is important for us to recognize and show respect for our production employees. But what is it that makes Nepal so special?


Close to My Heart was born in Nepal when Siv Katralen, chief designer and owner of the brand was on a climb in the Himalayas in 2011. She fell in love with both the people and the country, and with the help of her Sherpa she found her first product. This was a cashmere scarf, now well known as Mie and Mie Grand. A small family-run business in the heart of Kathmandu was given the production of the scarves that today hang around the necks of thousands of women of all ages.


DNA for Close to My Heart is and will forever be this small country that has repeatedly been hit hard by disasters. Siv received a reminder to continue production in Nepal when the two devastating earthquakes in 2015 occurred. Thousands of homes and schools were damaged or collapsed. That same year, a blockade of India caused enormous problems; with limited access to medicines, food, gas and fuel, the country was set back 50 years. 
The worst damage from these three disasters was felt by the villages. Siv traveled to Nepal not long after the disasters and saw with their own eyes the terrible destruction. Then it became natural to give back to the country in the form of emergency aid and more lasting aid projects. On her journey, she also saw the Nepalese ability to get up again. They have a unique ability to cope with adversity and never cease to impress us. We are eternally grateful to have a part of our production in beautiful Nepal. 
All our cashmere scarves are made by hand by our best people in Nepal, and there is a lot of work behind each scarf. First, the natural-colored cashmere yarn is woven, then the scarves are added for dyeing. The color mix is made at the factory based on our selected seasonal and base colors. The scarves are placed in a large pot and dyed by hand. When the dyeing process is completed, the scarves are hung to dry before they are pressed and the label is sewn on by hand.
Mie and Pemba have long been big favorites and a regular companion with us, and we have now received a fantastic soft supplement for the family; Bandana. This scarf is named after the Nepalese woman Bandana Rana, one of the most important leaders of the women's movement in Nepal. This is Pemba's little sister, and is a super soft scarf in 100% cashmere, 80x200 cm. Shop Bandana HERE

Close to My Heart will continue to create jobs in Nepal, especially for women. We are committed to helping to increase the skills of our female workers, ensure that they are better paid in the factories and provide them with a safe working environment. 

We are eternally grateful for the cooperation with our people in Nepal, and would like to thank you for allowing us to keep production going. We miss the country very much and hope we can soon go back to all the good people who stand by every day.  

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