Vår Kashmir

Close to My Heart sells garments made from 100% Kashmir and Kashmir blends.

Kashmir wool is the world's most exclusive natural fiber and we only choose the top quality of our products. It is the fine underhairs of the fur of the cashmere goat, an animal that lives in f jell areas in Kashmir between China, India and Pakistan. Due to the cold winters, the cashmere goats have developed an undercoat with very thin fibers that have an insulating effect and keep the goat warm even at very low temperatures. When spring comes and it gets warmer, the coat coats naturally so that the goats do not get too hot in the summer. Then the goats are taken in and they are grazed through one by one to harvest the fine undercoat.
Products made from 100% cashmere wool have the fantastic property that they are temperature-regulating! When it is cool, the cashmere has a warming and insulating effect on the body, while in the summer it adapts to the body's temperature and has a cooling effect. The reason for this is that there is air between the hair fibers that both insulates and aerates at the same time. The cashmere roll is incredibly soft and does not itch! It can be used directly on the body of both children and adults. There are many who use our Pemba and Mie scarves as blankets for small babies - and they work great for that!
Kashmir is very durable - if treated properly.
When washing Kashmir garments at home, you should use the machine's wool program, at 30 degrees with a spin of 400-600 revolutions and with detergent intended for wool. Also feel free to use a laundry bag - the reason for this is that you may have damage inside the drum on your washing machine that can lead to small holes in the garment.
Lay the garment flat when drying so that it does not stretch in an unwanted shape.
Wool and cashmere should be washed as little as possible, and are largely self-cleaning. If you have a stain, try to remove only the stain and air out the garment. In many cases, it is okay to air the garment instead of washing it in the machine.
Unfortunately, we just have to accept that garments made of wool / natural fiber can pinch something, especially in the beginning. Cashmere can rub on areas affected by friction, such as the sleeves, chest and close to the hip. Nupping is due to the shortest fibers in the yarn coming out at first wear. We choose cashmere yarn in the highest quality and also choose the yarn that has the longest fibers. It is also the case that nupping is very individual and depends entirely on how static you are as a person. If you attract a lot of electricity, you will be more static and therefore nudge more.
To remove the pimples, you can either use a pimple comb or remove the pimples, preferably before the first wash. When the knots have been removed and the garment has been washed once, you will experience that the wool has settled even better and that the knotting decreases.