Who made your clothes?

 We at Close to My Heart are concerned with knowing who makes our clothes, and we believe that you are too! It is important to us that our workers in the factories are well taken care of and that the women are respected. 

In Nepal, there are many women who are not allowed to work because they are at home and have to take care of children and home while the man is at work. Many of these women would have liked to have worked, but due to the conditions it is not possible. We saw the need here and wanted to find a way to contribute. 

In Patan, the neighboring city of Kathmandu, is Siv's favorite factory.
Through it, we connect with women at home who can knit. They then do not have to leave their home, but can knit and earn much-needed money when the children are at school and the husband at work.


Here, Brandy's sweaters are knitted by hand. Gani on the left is the leader of the project   

All sweaters will then be handed in at the factory to be fitted and checked.
Every sweater will have some kind of 
identification that will show who who has knitted YOUR sweater.

With this, we create pleasant jobs, and we have great faith in it that this seems customers are great to be supportive!


 J´adore Sweater - one of the season's most beautiful sweaters hand-knitted in Nepal.

Brandy Sweater in soft merino wool / cashmere blend hand-knitted in Nepal.